24/7 Managed Services

iAXIS ensures smooth functioning of business-critical IT environment and proactive monitoring of business processes with the help of 24*7 managed services.

Round the clock support

24/7 managed service is designed to address issues related to change management, infrastructure services, security, and help desk services. iAXIS, an IT infrastructure managed services company ensures smooth functioning of your business-critical IT environment and proactive monitoring of your business processes with the help of 24/7 managed services. Such advanced monitoring with incident resolution can optimise capacity planning with timely notification, thus preventing and managing outages efficiently.

Core Infrastructure Services

iAXIS, a managed IT service provider enables support through Core Infrastructure Services (CIS) to monitor, manage, and secure your applications and services within the company ecosystem. As companies grow, managing servers, systems, and infrastructure becomes more complex.

So, at iAXIS, we believe in creating a core IT Infrastructure with new services for the smooth functioning of the organization with a secured approach. 

24/7 Monitoring & Management

As a technology consulting firm, we at iAXIS depend upon Network Operations Center (NOC) to accurately monitor and identify system failures with proactive notifications and analysis to prevent any disruption in your business-critical operations. With 24*7 monitoring of your network performance, we identify the issues easily to support service level agreements and to enable automated response for faster resolution.

Communication Infrastructure Administration

We enable organizations to expand the capability of communication infrastructure installed with security protocols. Although interconnected, it is a complex ecosystem since the entire communication system is dependent on it. With emerging infrastructure capabilities, we use cutting-edge technologies to leverage business innovation.

Change Management

As a consulting partner, we create a structured approach towards the implementation of change both internal and external, which reduces the risk of your enterprise-level rejection. Our approach involves enhanced teamwork through cultural change within your organization to accept change and operate efficiently.

DR Implementation & Monitoring

On one hand critical applications can empower an organization with increased productivity and customer satisfaction, on the other hand, it accentuates the need for disaster recovery (DR) infrastructure. iAXIS recommends a comprehensive DR monitoring and management tool that can efficiently operate in a hybrid cloud environment with automation features of recovery workflow. We offer DR implementation and monitoring to generate reports for compliance and solution.

Network Design, Implementation & Management

Network design ensures that all critical services can operate flawlessly. With the solution designed by iAXIS the network environment of your organization can be designed, implemented, and managed efficiently and in a structured way to fit the company ecosystem. Our robust network design can improve the technology infrastructure by identifying issues such as outages, bandwidth issues, unexplained data loss, signal interference, etc.

OS / Patch Management

The Operating System (OS) patch management service has two parts where one deals with deployment and the other deals with compliance. Patch deployment also ensures automation of the process of updating both the OS and the software. Patch compliance on the other hand provides clarity on the patch status while sharing recommendations for the VM instances. Being your technology solution partner, we scan your enterprise network for vulnerabilities and identify the missing patches with a detailed report.

Helpdesk Services

iAXIS as your solutions partner can enrich your 24*7 managed service experience and transport it to the next level of enterprise excellence.

End Compute Support

iAXIS depends upon end compute support to provide you customized configuration, manage and support applications, network, and server environment. This helps us to enhance operational value for your organization ensuring productivity optimization, improving end-user experience, and achieving collaboration and business alignment.

User Management / Provisioning

iAXIS ensures industry standards and best practices by accelerating and automating the user management and provisioning infrastructure for a risk-free and compliant environment

Incident / Service Request Management

For any core infrastructure service to operate seamlessly, incident or service request management is essential to address issues and create a resolution for them. We at iAXIS emphasize incident or service requests to address your unplanned event or incident with the right solution.

Asset Management & Tracking

Asset management and tracking is an important part of our consultation. It empowers your organization with scalability and security post asset deployments. Asset management adds a glimpse of the overall lifecycle of an asset and the value it can add to your organization. Asset tracking on the other hand is an essential part of asset management in gathering asset’s real-time location.

Software License Management

Again to enhance the scope of asset management, software license management is a crucial part that can document, control, and reduce total IT capability costs related to your organization’s software licenses. We strongly acclaim its importance since it enables a company to avoid incurring the expense of unused software thus making your organization sustainable in the long-run.

Vendor Management

Vendor management includes an array of activities such as; obtaining quotes on pricing, defining capabilities, contract negotiation, performance evaluation, timely delivery, quality of work, and payments. iAXIS depends upon vendor management to perform a risk assessment and accordingly offer a solution to your organization that can reduce operational cost, and associated risks while driving business goals and deliverables.