Cloud Consulting & Services

Accelerate your business outcomes with agile infrastructure and cloud consulting

Leveraging technology to customize core cloud solutions

  • Through our solution-centric approach, we help you build, implement, and run effective cloud operations that are customized to meet your unique needs.
  • We work with you across the entire gamut of cloud adoption right from design and implementation, migration, infrastructure optimization & consolidation, audits, and even managed services.

Design & Implementation

  • As a Cloud computing consulting services in India, we gather information related to infrastructure, budget, resource skills, networking, and the operating system of an enterprise before designing a model specific to your company.
  • With successful testing, the model is implemented with end-to-end architecture designing. 
  • To augment the process and to ensure a smooth transition, we plan such implementation during weekends or when the workflow is less to ensure that business continuity is not affected.
  • We customize our solution based on business requirements. Once the process of implementation is complete, we initiate basic training to the resources of the organization to orient the employees with the new technology.
  • we ensure maintenance and support services for our AWS cloud consulting services solution to garner a successful transition to cloud infrastructure. 

Cloud Migration

Migration may need to happen on the live system without the luxury of shutting it down during the migration process. Therefore, iAXIS, an cloud migration service provider believes in a strategic and well-thought-out approach to making the process of migration successful. Hence, we ensure an effective and optimal approach to the migration through the following ways;

Choosing the right approach

We strongly recommend initiating a cloud strategy in sync with the business goals and priorities along with regulatory requirements as the first step to embrace a cloud solution. Then followed by considering the sensitivity extent of your business data which will eventually become the deciding factor of moving data assets to a cloud environment. Finally, you can leverage a multi-cloud environment for different applications.

Identifying the appropriate cloud environment

Although the goals vary for each company, we aim towards optimizing the process of cloud migration for you to leverage resilience, increase productivity, and efficiency. To do that we analyze the organizational workflow, data volume and applications in the process to recommend a cloud-based solution that will be agile for a particular enterprise.

Data security is our top-most priority

At iAXIS data security takes precedence over anything else that can be considered before migrating into cloud services. Compliance and regulatory norms are essential factors in cloud migration especially in the aspects of data storage and transmission. We ensure that while migrating from the legacy system, the right security solutions are implemented to secure your IT infrastructure.

Understanding dependencies and complications

For the success of cloud migration, adequate bandwidth is crucial. Similarly, it is essential to understand the dependencies on certain applications to narrow down complications for business insight. We believe that it is this acumen that determines the success of your migration efforts.

The right architecture

In most cases, a ‘lift and shift’ approach may not be optimal since it also migrates the inefficiencies and flaws of the existing system into the cloud environment. Instead, we believe in a re-examination of the processes to negate redundancies before initiating the migration process for you.

Supporting the Transition

The task of managing a cloud workload requires certain skill-sets that the IT team needs to be equipped with. We believe that the right training and handover plays a key role to ensure long-term success in your cloud migration.

Infrastructure Optimization & Consolidation

At iAXIS, our cloud based infrastructure services experts take care of Proper optimization and consolidation of data in four phases to ensure that a business is never affected due to system downtime.


Define Scope

our experts interact with all the stakeholders to understand the requirement and locate the following scope of action;
● Expected standard of security (Depends on the criticality of the data inquestion)
● The areas of opportunity for automation
● Cost optimization opportunities
● Available cloud-only features

With an agreement in place and clarity over the requirements, we proceed to phase two.


In phase two, we focus on the consolidation of data. This phase involves the removal of waste and the introduction of standardization into the system. Our experts then identify and remove any of your obsolete infrastructure and review the security policies. We then identify the features available in the cloud for cost optimization.


Next, we move to phase three. In this phase, we identify and implement a standard operating environment. Post collection and analysis of data the following are identified to standardize your approach.

● Performance drivers for handling workloads
● Instances to optimize performance
● Usage and lifecycle of data


In the fourth and final phase, we at iAXIS focus on optimization of the process. We work towards automating the standardization processes identified in the previous phase. Once optimization is achieved, it gives you a clarity over the cloud cost, usage, performance, availability, and security. We thrive towards optimum utilization of cloud-based functionalities for cost-effectiveness. We also initiate alert notifications for the under utilization of resources and failure of the automation processes.

Cloud Infrastructure Audits

At iAXIS, we ensure our clients are always compliance-ready and meet the requirements of the audit standards. We also take care of the licensing, infrastructure, data management, and access control to ensure audit compliance. Our cloud infrastructure management services offerings include:

Our offerings are as follows

A strategic IT plan that matches the business strategies.
An Information architecture for the security of information and data.
An IT process that standardises all the processes and offer a stable IT environment.
A Communication Management plan to ensure the organization’s policies and objectives are communicated effectively across everyone.
An IT Risk Management plan to document risks like security violations and unrestricted access to sensitive information.

Managed Services

We at iAXIS excel in end-to-end managed cloud services for our clients. Our Azure and AWS cloud managed solutions and services are robust and cost-effective compared to an in-house IT department. With our internal training post-deployment, we are future-ready with a robust network infrastructure that is managed and monitored 24/7. With a managed cloud network and a strong backup and disaster recovery plan, we empower you to manage your enterprise servers and applications through one central data server and mitigate the risk of data loss. Our cloud service management offerings are as follows:

Our offerings are as follows

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Security

Network & Storage

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Monitoring & Reporting

iAXIS Benefits

Experienced team

Combined team experience of over 70 years

Quick implementation

The short turnaround time to ensure quick results

Vendor - neutral

Support all hyper-scale computing and applications across all vendors

Solution-centric approach

Adequate attention to understanding the underlying problem and finding a suitable solution

Customized solution

Solutions are tailored to cater to the unique needs of the customer organization

iAXIS Highlight

Quick deployment by the best solution architects with years of experience in conventional & cloud environments.