Digital Transformation

Our cloud migration services are focused on ensuring the most effective & optimal approach to migration.

Effective Cloud Migration

While businesses understand the benefit of cloud solutions in cloud computing, ensuring that the move to the cloud happens in the most optimal way is extremely critical. Our cloud migration services India are focused on ensuring you the most effective and optimal approach to migration. 

Identifying the right cloud environment

The aim of any cloud migration effort is to optimize the IT environment in order to make it most resilient, productive & efficient. The goals vary for each organization. At iAXIS, we take time out to understand which of your data and applications needs to be moved to the cloud and also recognize which cloud environment is most suitable for your data.

Choosing the right approach

Moving to the cloud can bring you up several technological as well as process challenges. Also, the migration may need to happen on the live system without the luxury of shutting it down etc. during the migration process. Therefore, At iAXIS we believe there needs to be a strategic and well-thought-out approach to making the migration successful.

Public, Private, Hybrid, Multi-cloud

Deciding on your cloud strategy in line with business priorities and regulatory requirements is a first step. Does sensitive business data need to be stored in a private cloud or on-premise? Should you leverage different hyper-scalers for different applications to create a multi-cloud environment? iAXIS considers all such information and recommends best practices and standards while designing infrastructure deployments.


Understanding dependencies and complications

For the cloud to perform well post the migration, adequate bandwidths are crucial for good performance. Similarly, are there any applications that might complicate the migration process? We provide the insights that help you determine the success of your migration efforts.

The right architecture

In many cases, a ‘lift and shift’ approach may not be the most optimal since it takes the existing system inefficiencies and flaws into the cloud environment. Instead, iAXIS, a best cloud computing company, believes in taking a broader approach to re-examine your processes and weed out inefficiencies and redundancies before moving to the cloud makes a lot of sense.

Supporting the Transition

The task of managing a cloud workload requires certain skill-sets that the IT team needs to be equipped with. We believe that the right training and handover plays a key role to ensure long-term success in your cloud migration.

iAXIS Benefits

Experienced team

Combined team experience of over 70 years

Quick implementation

The short turnaround time to ensure quick results

Vendor - neutral

Support all hyper-scale computing and applications across all vendors

Solution-centric approach

Adequate attention to understanding the underlying problem and finding a suitable solution

Customized solution

Solutions are tailored to cater to the unique needs of the customer organization

iAXIS Highlight

Quick deployment by the best solution architects with years of experience in conventional & cloud environments.