Infrastructure Security

iAXIS is a digital consulting firm that ensures cloud computing security by protecting cloud-based data and customer privacy, systems, and processes through a set of policies, controls, and technologies.

What is cloud infrastructure security ?

The concept of cloud security became prominent with the transformation of the physical world to the digital world. iAXIS is a digital consulting firm that ensures cloud computing and information security by protecting your cloud-based data and customer privacy, systems, and processes through a set of policies, controls, and technologies.

After analyzing your business needs, the consulting experts of iAXIS recommend an access panel compatible with your organizational workflow to filter unnecessary web traffic.

Also, iAXIS as a technology consulting firm stands out in deploying a process for authentication of individual users and the devices in use. Such a cloud security solution when implemented through iAXIS offers flexibility, scalability, and low deployment cost to your organization due to a single command center.

24/7 security command center design and deployment

A security command center secures and mitigates database risks. It secures cloud storage through intuitive analytics and ensures a risk-free environment for an organization. Some of the common and malicious threats can be detected through audit logs while investigating an incident. The rest can be secured through the discovery of sensitive and regulated data. iAXIS, a managed security services companies ensures such design and deployment of 24*7 security command center to accelerate your business process.

The cloud security operations cover the following services​

24*7 perimeter protections are an essential part of defending critical information and infrastructure. Post identification of an organization’s security need, the protection features are defined and configured to meet the requirement.
Cloud-based applications services ensure that firewall applications, application performance monitoring, auto-scaling, service discovery, and load balancing can be achieved without much complication in private, public, and hybrid or multi-cloud environments that can improve application performance.
Infrastructure and data security monitoring is a critical component within the realm of cloud security and management. iAXIS monitors such services to determine threats by gauging the performance of data, applications, and infrastructure. We especially monitor infrastructure through a built-in-knowledge base to diagnose performance issues automatically.

Security applications support

As a cloud security solution provider, iAXIS depends on the security applications support team that enhances the security of an application by locating security errors, fixing, and preventing future security issues with security tools integrated within your organizational ecosystem.

With a centralized, well administered & reliable cloud security even traditional IT security functions can be incorporated to ensure data privacy and a secured environment. We at iAXIS, a infrastructure security in cloud computing empower your business to become robust, digitized, and thus future-ready.

Threat & Incident response

Managing threats efficiently is an essential factor to prevent data breaches. However, post the data breach the process of recovery is also crucial for an organization. Hence an organization needs the expertise and resources to accelerate its incident response time and accuracy. 

This is where iAXIS plays a crucial role in mitigating risk as well as respond to incidents appropriately for a fast and smooth recovery plan.

Security analytics, intelligence & management dashboard / reporting

iAXIS, a cloud security service in cloud computing also entrusts in the technology associated with security analytics. We  approach to ensure cybersecurity through data analysis and proactive security measures. Actual threats are identified by monitoring network traffic and combining application software, algorithm, and analytic processes.

This helps organizations identify alerts, manage and report incidents, and protect the integrity of the system and ensure a timely response.

Periodic Threat assessment & simulation

iAXIS considers that periodic threat assessment and simulation can empower your organization to assess potential risk and allocate tools, resources, and security features efficiently so that it becomes an integral part of the organization’s risk management process. For successful risk assessment and simulation, you can follow a four-step model.

  1. Identification of critical assets and sensitive data to create a risk profile.
  2. Follow a process of evaluation of an assessment to determine the effect of vulnerability and risk mitigation.
  3. Regulate a mitigation approach and enforce security controls accordingly.
  4. Implement tools and resources to minimize threats.