Software Development

Start your software development and automation journey with iAXIS for integrated support in deploying the capabilities suitable to meet the organizational requirement.

Software development & Automation

 iAXIS thrives on empowering an organization with an agile software development solution to enhance functionality and collaboration.

We at iAXIS, as a software development company in India begin with identifying and analyzing the specific needs of your organization and accordingly design, develop, and implement the software. Finally, after testing, the software is deployed and maintained for smooth functioning.

The process of digitalization & engagement

iAXIS plays an essential role in providing the right platform that can identify the value and areas of opportunity within the span of digital engagement. This enables you to formulate strategies, decide on a set-process, and deploy a technology compatible with the existing operational structure.

This digitally engages both the client and the employee to maximize the value that can be derived from such engagement.

Product Engineering

With the second wave of digitalization, Software as a Service (SaaS) became the base of software development that transformed the traditional software engineering to product-based engineering service as per client requirement. Since, the concept of product engineering guarantees innovation, designing, developing, testing, and deployment of a software product, iAXIS, as a software development services company follows a process to ensure that all the phases of product engineering can be completed seamlessly.

iAXIS has the expertise and can be a part of the transformation journey of your organization in the following areas of product engineering from innovation to deployment and future maintenance.

B2C / B2B

Designing and developing a consumer / enterprise-level product based on the concept of customer service and the focus towards creating customer satisfaction and building a brand value for your organization.

Portals or CMS

Starting from managing the software portal to developing a content management system (CMS) to create and modify digital content, personalized to create a customer experience and centralized to manage efficiently through CX applications.

E-commerce platforms

An ecommerce platform powered by the expert guidance of iAXIS can integrate both commerce and business functionality in a perfectly balanced ecosystem via a SaaS model.

Learning management

With rapid digitalization, the learning management software application has become essential for documentation, tracking of incidents, reporting, as well as e-learning.

Collaboration platforms

We at iAXIS believe in creating a collaborative platform that has the capability to connect with the social network. It broadens the organizational horizon of marketing and branding of the company and its products and services. It also creates a virtual workspace where both tools and resources can be centralized within a corporate project for work initiatives.


It indicates a massive network that connects infrastructure, devices, storage, servers, and applications that defines the capability to integrate and operate within the network.

Mobile development : Android/iOS

The mobile development framework is based on open-source and developed using HTML5, CS3, and JavaScript for cross-platform development. With our unique technology-based consulting, such framework development can become agile and capable of meeting consumer needs.


Continuous integration and testing are critical in the DevOps scenario. In an organization with multidisciplinary teams testing and deployment of software projects can happen without complete visibility of organizational workflow. This is when collaboration becomes a challenge and governance becomes inadequate resulting in inefficiency. Hence we ensure continuous integration to fetch desired results.

Infrastructure as a code

Cloud computing transformed the way organizations design, develop, and maintain their IT infrastructure. The infrastructure as a code proves that through managing the data centers with the help of machines thus adopting the process of automation. iAXIS excels in such automation solutions that can improve scaling and productivity within your organizational capability and capacity

Service request fulfillment

iAXIS, a best software development company offers a complete solution for managing the entire lifecycle of all service requests of your organizational process involving products or services. To create quality support, the service desk team manages and responds to service requests of users to address the issue.

Event remediation

With the growing demand for IT operations, it has become a challenge to deliver technical service on time. To add to it, repetitive and mundane tasks affect both innovation and productivity. This is where iAXIS offers a solution for automating event remediation initially through defining the scope of automation and then by choosing a compatible tool to execute the process of remediation.

Change management

The very concept of adapting change or transforming one’s mode of operation can be stressful and complex. To soothe the progression and create a structured change management process, an experienced technology consulting firm can be partnered with. iAXIS is a consulting firm that helps your organization transition its internal as well as external processes in a structured format powered by low-risk automation, with ownership to ensure that your organization can enjoy the maximum benefit from the transformation.